Love for your Valentine

It's almost Valentine's Day and if you are like me, you are starting to try to put together the pieces of what you want to do for your valentine this year.  Lately, I've been searching around for different ideas and funny sayings.  I decided to compile some of my favorite valentine lovey-dovey sayings into one place.  Hope you enjoy!

There are so many ways to incorporate these sayings into something crafty for your valentine. I am trying to do 14 days of valentines for my love in the form of little cards. Hopefully I'll be able to get all 14 done in time. I like to use my boyfriend's head to make the sayings and cards more personalized (i.e. I used a print-out of his head to make him look like a bumble-bee and a dinosaur).  A little bit cheezy? Yes.  They make him laugh though and that's what I am going for.  Depending on how they all turn out, I may share some of these on here. 

Hopefully you found this list of valentine sayings enjoyable and inspiring.  Now make that valentine magic happen! :)



Where in the world...

Vegas baby! Need I say more? Chris and I decided to blow our savings on a Vegas trip back in 2010 before I started working and he started law school. Let's just say it was worth every penny!

We stayed at the Aria and it was amazing!

Drinks at the Stratosphere:

Holly's Peepshow!

Pawn Stars!

Shadiest pizza joint ever!!! We were the only ones there and I am pretty sure it may be a front...

Meeting Randy Couture!

Oh yeah, did I mention they were premiering "The Expendables" and we went to the red carpet?!?!

Freemont Street:

Poolside at the Aria:

Ugh. Just looking at these pictures makes me so mad it is February and I have to go to work tomorrow. :( I guess you have to make money to spend money.

Where in the world...

Every year my company has an auction to benefit the Furniture Bank of Ohio and I had the pleasure of bidding (and winning!) on a trip to St. Louis. The package included tickets to a Cardinals v. Reds game, a giftcard to Mike Shannon's (steakhouse), and a night's stay at the Chase Park Plaza hotel.

We had never been to St. Louis before (outside of the airport) and let me say that this is a cool city. We did some walking city exploring which is always an adventure...

We stopped by the old courthouse...

And of course we had to see the arch:

Here's the sketchy car you have to ride in to get to the top of the arch:

But trust me, the view at the top is worth the wait and the shady transportation...

The baseball game was awesome! Our seats were amazing and the Reds won!

And of course... a little nightlife:

Rooftop bar and nerd alert super awesome view of my company's St. Louis office...

Awesome trip. Wish we had more than just a weekend to explore the city...

Crafty Magnets

My sister, Staci, has recently become obsessed with all things wild animals. So for her birthday, I tried to think of a creative way to use some images of wolves, bears, lions, etc. 

I decided to make magnets using clear gems, some craft glue, my printer, and magnet strips. 

I printed out a bunch of small pictures of these furrrocious creatures and then cut them to fit behind the gems. Then I sprayed adhesive on the front of the pictures so that they would stick to the back of the gems. Warning - this can get quite sticky. Once I had the pictures stuck to the back of the gems I added small pieces of magnet to the back. Voila - a super cute and personalized magnet. 

Here's a picture of the final product: (FYI- due to the shine of the gems it is had to see the images behind, however if you are looking at them in person and move them around it is easier to see the pics)

Where in the world...

Travelling is one of my favorite hobbies. If I could explore every inch of the world, I would (and will try). Luckily I have found someone to spend the rest of my life with who gets just as excited about all of the adventures this world has to offer. So, I decided I will start documenting our travels here and provide some (hopefully) insightful info for everyone out there that has been struck by the travel bug!

So we'll start out small... in order to find some of the most beautiful places on earth, you don't have to go far. Chris and I spent a weekend in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio and I have to say... it was beautiful. Being from Athens, I am ashamed to say I had never gone to Old Man's Cave. All I have to say is wow. It is amazing. Here are some pics:

We had a great time and will definitely be going back! We stayed at an awesome cabin just minutes from the state park. It is pretty new and decked out with all of the essentials (hot tub, pool table, fire pit). Chris always does an intense amount of research before deciding where to stay and even his expectations of the cabin were surpassed. 



life is what you make it

Life is a journey. Confusing and fun. Wild and scary. So many options with time slipping away.  Make the best of what you have while you still can.  If you have an open mind and open heart, nothing can stop you.  Push away negativities and live on the edge... live your dreams. The wildest ones.