Where in the world...

Vegas baby! Need I say more? Chris and I decided to blow our savings on a Vegas trip back in 2010 before I started working and he started law school. Let's just say it was worth every penny!

We stayed at the Aria and it was amazing!

Drinks at the Stratosphere:

Holly's Peepshow!

Pawn Stars!

Shadiest pizza joint ever!!! We were the only ones there and I am pretty sure it may be a front...

Meeting Randy Couture!

Oh yeah, did I mention they were premiering "The Expendables" and we went to the red carpet?!?!

Freemont Street:

Poolside at the Aria:

Ugh. Just looking at these pictures makes me so mad it is February and I have to go to work tomorrow. :( I guess you have to make money to spend money.

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