Crafty Magnets

My sister, Staci, has recently become obsessed with all things wild animals. So for her birthday, I tried to think of a creative way to use some images of wolves, bears, lions, etc. 

I decided to make magnets using clear gems, some craft glue, my printer, and magnet strips. 

I printed out a bunch of small pictures of these furrrocious creatures and then cut them to fit behind the gems. Then I sprayed adhesive on the front of the pictures so that they would stick to the back of the gems. Warning - this can get quite sticky. Once I had the pictures stuck to the back of the gems I added small pieces of magnet to the back. Voila - a super cute and personalized magnet. 

Here's a picture of the final product: (FYI- due to the shine of the gems it is had to see the images behind, however if you are looking at them in person and move them around it is easier to see the pics)

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